BI & Analytics

The business dynamics have been changing at a faster pace, driven by competition, mergers, social aspirations, government regulations, etc. To sustain, compete, & grow in this environment, one needs to be on the edge of information, intelligence, & insights. Atlas Systems’ expertise in BI & Analytics space can help your organization gain that extra advantage, leveraging the volume of data generated by your business and the industry in all areas of your functioning.
As a part of this offering, we can provide solutions related to Integration, Data Warehouse, Visualization & Analytics to the small or large organizations in the space of Big Data or IoT. Our Big Data solution is a mission-critical analytical transaction system - A structured repository to cleanse, harmonize, and store demand data and tender it in a format to meet specific business needs. Big Data framework includes Data Orchestration, ODS, Transformation, Mining, and Data Views. In short, the application of Big Data and Analytics would not only unearth information and insights for future decisions but would be immensely helpful for immediate decisions too enhancing your business agility to render it the much needed competitive edge to forge ahead faster than others.

The Atlas advantage

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of creating a structured data repository with a business objective that cleanses, harmonizes, and stores the data in the best possible manner for future use. We tender the data in a format to meet specific business needs by analyzing and retrieving actionable insights and take the necessary steps at the right time to increase productivity multiple times. Atlas Systems’ BI and Analytics expertise enables you to create, enhance, and/or expand your business capability through insight-driven decision making.

Our team of experts enables organizations of all sizes to gain faster and deeper insights from their data and take the right action to ensure their future success. Our in-depth domain expertise would enable creating a discerning yet complex process of examining and analyzing varied and larger data sets to uncover unknown and unearthed insights – like hidden patterns and correlations which would predict market trends, customer preferences, or any other aspects of the business at ease.  We are equipped to provide full application lifecycle support, including planning, designing, building, deploying, and supporting every stage of the business intelligence process.


Assessment, Analysis & Roadmap

Using a tool-based and process-centric approach, we can help you from strategy and assessment to migrations, upgrades, implementations, and support capabilities. We organize workshop sessions with your business, functional & technical stakeholders and perform thorough analysis to devise approach for your BI solutions and define phase wise roadmap depending on your current BI maturity level. Roadmap generally includes phases for data warehouse, data consoolidation, system integrations, visualization, analytics etc.


Data Management

An enterprise deals primarily with master data (customers, products, suppliers etc) and transactional data (orders, shipments, payments etc). We help to establish robust data definitions, structures, storage, workflows to create a overall master data management (MDM) framework. Master data is consolidated into a single place to enable the common point of reference enabling data sharing among personnel and departments. We also help to define & implement data archiving policies.


Integration Services

Our integration experts help to identify the source systems required to be integrated with data warehouse. We perform gap analysis & fields mapping to ensure smooth data flow into the datawarehouse for effective consolidation, validation, cleansing & transformations. Using latest ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tools (e.g. Informatica, Cognos Data Manager), we will design, develop and deploy data integration workflows from homogeneous or heterogeneous sources. Transformations are applied for storing it in the proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.


Analytics and Data Mining

We can provide an edge to your BI initiatives by adding advanced analytics to provide past, present & future perspective of business. With our analytics and data mining technologies (), we can help to uncover hidden insights from the data accumulated over years; which in turn, enables the business to take smarter decisions to increase sales, improve productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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