Employee Speak

At Atlas Systems, the employees are always motivated to go beyond their usual tasks and work, to embrace newer skills, and out-perform themselves in multiple arenas.

Below are some of employees speaking on how working with the company has done them good.


This is Pavan Kumar. Earlier I worked in Insurance Project with my manager Nagesh Yanamala. I want to share two points.

"The First one is, to showcase my project work. Initially project was a short term[3 to 4 months project]. We did a great job and gave our best to get +ve feedback from our client. Customer is happy and project got extended with new module.
The second one is regarding using the opportunities within the organization. I want to add this point here “ People are saying team size of “X” project is going to decrease, so people should be looking out for a job. I would say, instead of looking outside we need to find the opportunity with in the organization as we have number of active projects and many upcoming projects are going to come.”
Atlas Systems recognizes work if you do well & give your best in the work. One example is atlas gave onsite opportunity to employee like me who has only one and half year of experience. Please don’t blame work environment, perform well and try to use the opportunities.
Thanks again Atlas Systems for giving me this opportunity.


In Atlas systems experience or designation has less bearing on role you get to play but what really count here is the IDEAs you bring to table. Sky is a limit for Atlas Systems canvass; you can keep painting this with your dreams.


Many companies offer employees job satisfaction clubbed with job stability. Atlas Systems provides a wide range of growth opportunities, suitable to the skills and caliber of Employees. The concept of “Employee First” creates a homely and Comfortable working environment day in – day out.


It has been an honour of my life having got the opportunity to serve in this great organisation. I have been reflecting what the past 4 years have meant for me. Personally, it has been exciting and challenging to be part of growth and development of Atlas Systems . I truly feel it very rewarding to be working with bright and talented people in this organisation.