Enterprise Data Warehouse

Broad organizational questions become difficult to answer, and data is harder to analyze when it is fragmented and/or stored in multiple areas. An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) consolidates data from various sources, giving the right people access to the necessary information so that they can take essential steps by providing organized data in one place instead of department-specific data subsets. Atlas Systems' experts would help to conceptualize, design & build the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to act as a central repository of integrated data from one or more disparate source systems for all the silos of the organization to obtain a holistic view and take the right decision.
In turn, this helps in more efficient reporting and analysis, which acts as a core component of your business intelligence/analytics environment. Our team handles the end-to-end development as well as deployment of your data warehouse, making the accessibility to data and information highly efficient and business ready. In short, it helps your organization to be more streamlined to forge ahead towards its goals, mission, and vision as a unified force.

The Atlas advantage


Dimensional modelling

Using an abstract modelling layer based on mind maps, we define measures, dimensions, hierarchies, calculations and other attributes needed for a Data Warehouse setup. Our business data model is driven & designed from interactions with business users and we also conduct workshops with the various business units in our definition process.


DWH Staging

The DWH Staging Area is temporary location where data from source systems is copied. All required source data is made available before data is validated/transformed/transferred into the Data Warehouse. Thus having an staging area considerably reduces the risk of data loss at any point of time. Staging is designerd to keep origional copy of data for extended periods of time for archival or troubleshooting purposes.


Data Types & Mapping

Data mapping is used as a first step for a wide variety of data integration tasks including data transformation/data mediation. We perform an analysis of the data in order to get an accurate account of the different types of data being stored in the data warehouse and the nature of the different sources being used. It includes identifications of attributes, size, datatype, allowed values and mapping between the source, staging & DWH model.


Extract, Transform and Load

The Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) software (e.g. Informatica, Cognos Data Manager etc) processes inconsistent data, cleanses "bad" data, filters data and loads data from source to staging to target database. Three phases are scheduled & executed in parallel using the scheduling tools like Opalis, Tidal etc.



Our team performs regular maintenance and tuning of the warehouse using various checklists to be performed on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Design scripts for regular backups to be prepared for any unforeseen events which could occur.

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