Performance tuning of ArrowStream databases to optimize supplier data

Performance tuning


Atlas delivers technological edge to help FMCG companies streamline business operations

Delivery technology edge


Competition and disruption are the way of the day in the FMCG segment, raising customer expectations and experience, resulting in an evolving marketplace. Dependence on IT infrastructure and data management is the game changer along with newer innovations. Here, blending cutting-edge technology with piercing domain insights can make a massive difference in all aspects of operations ushering in speed, accuracy, and security, making your business more customer-centric.
Albeit, as all major players of the industry, has adopted digitization, a cookie-cutter approach may not propel your operational effectiveness with the much-needed leverage and act as a business booster. Our piercing domain knowledge encapsulated with the latest technology solutions streamlines your business processes and multi-channel communication. Such critical changes enhance your business strengths and unlock opportunities multiple times, fetching unexpectedly fruitful results in all aspects of your operations, including new product development too.

Overcome challenges

Technology has greatly impacted the way consumers behave. With competition at its peak, it is not simply enough to make great products. Everything, right from the brand packaging to the availability of the product in the market determine its success. Atlas Systems is comprised of domain experts who know what technology is most appropriate for your business, in both the short and long run.

With technology

Stay ahead of the competition with continuous, actionable insights, driven by the latest in technological innovations with Atlas. Get a better understanding of your consumer base and connect with them on a whole new level, giving them a seamless brand experience.


  • People who share your risk
  • People who deliver client success
  • People who are nimble and agile
  • People who are easy to work with
  • People who listen
  • People who get it right the first time
  • People with domain expertise

Challenges in the FMCG industry

Atlas partners with players in the FMCG industry to create technology solutions that drives business success by addressing core challenges of the industry.

Ensuring that the best technology is used to create the solution

Finding a partner who can stand by you and show you the big picture


Creating technology-driven strategies to serve end-users better

Getting technologists with deep domain knowledge in the FMCG sector


Keeping up with the constant change in mobile platforms and social media integrations

Leverage actionable insights from consumer data


Getting a deep undersanding of consumer psychology to take precise action

Creating delight in consumners with a seamless shopping experience


Customer speak

“I believe in “Right Solutions to the Right Issue”. Atlas DBA team has given an unconventional, yet innovative, solutions to some of the long standing issues in our Database environments. I just wanted to “Thank You””

Delivery Manager, Web Hosting Client

“WELL DONE! I was pleasantly surprised on how well you knew the steps and how quickly you navigated most of the time. The job was completed well within the time. I also got a very positive feedback from our client on the team’s work. I know this is only a start and more to come from Atlas Team.”

Technical Project Manager -  ISV in Healthcare Sector

“I appreciate your DBA team’s effort for successful migration of IBM DB2 to Oracle database. Atlas DBA team is having is having deep technical knowledge in upgrades and migration. This clearly shows up in the work you guys do. Happy to engage with Atlas Systems for our DBA support.”

DBA Director – ISV in Financial Sector

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