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Optimise operations


The healthcare industry has is going through a challenging phase. Technology can step in to deliver great patient experiences while helping organizations stay compliant with multiple regulations. Atlas Systems brings depth of expertise in the healthcare domain to help you anticipate problems that could come your way and solve them using technology. We drive patient experience by helping you use technology to harness digital media, access superior analytics, streamline medical records and deliver the right information at the right time to providers and patients.

Overcome challenges

What makes most decisions in the healthcare industry crucial, is the fact that there are lives at stake. Any slip-ups can lead to irreparable damage to both the consumers, as well as the organizations. Healthcare companies have to take every measure possible, to ensure that processes are always running optimally.

With technology

Atlas Systems has the expertise to integrate the right technology with your IT landscape, equipping your organization with a key transformative engine to address compliance and FDA validation. With our solutions you can free up resources and manpower to enhance your business and boost your productivity.


  • People who share your risk
  • People who deliver client success
  • People who are nimble and agile
  • People who are easy to work with
  • People who listen
  • People who get it right the first time
  • People with domain expertise

Challenges in Healthcare

With Atlas, you get a partner who can help you bring efficiency, compliance and patient satisfaction into your healthcare operation. We understand the nuances of the industry and have the expertise to bring strategic input on technology.

Ensuring that the best technology is used to create the solution

Finding a partner who can stand by you and show you the big picture


Creating healthcare solutions for massive scale and scalable maintenance

Equipping your company with technology as well as domain expertise


Keeping up with the constant change in mobile platforms and social media integrations

Building simple technology around user-experience


Constant innovations that boost overall company performance

Providing end-users with a seamless healthcare experience


Customer speak

“I would give Solid 9 out of 10. By far this is the most efficient upgrade we have had yet. Atlas Systems Admin Support works, Great team!”

Product Manager -  ISV in Healthcare Sector

“WELL DONE! I was pleasantly surprised on how well you knew the steps and how quickly you navigated most of the time. The job was completed well within the time. I also got a very positive feedback from our client on the team’s work. I know this is only a start and more to come from Atlas Team.”

Technical Project Manager -  ISV in Healthcare Sector

“Very reliable IT partner to work with. Pleasantly surprised with the attention and management focus on commitments and deliverables. Appreciate the attitude of going above & beyond, to meet the expectations. Thanks to to you guys."

Global IT Director, Fortune 10 - Life Science Company

Our products for healthcare


Our product PRIME helps Health Plans in the US keep their members satisfied by the accuracy of their provider directory data. It combines sophisticated technology, well-defined processes and highly trained, specialized staff, to deliver industry-leading accuracy levels, through direct, primary source data validation.

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ComplyScore is a suite of GRC, Information Security and Vendor Governance solutions that help organisations stay compliant and keep their information systems secure. ComplyScore's robust, web-based solutions integrate governance, risk and compliance management across Core Business Areas, Vendor Management as well as Information Security.

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