Building and running cloud-agnostic applications for top hotel chain.

Cloud-agnostic applications


Delivering technology for a market leader in supply chain solutions for the food industry.

Deliver technology edge


Creating an app-laudable level of service with a personalized guest experience has become the bare necessity of today's hospitality sector. With the rise of online customer reviews and social media interactions, there is a surge in the high service level expectations, which calls for an immaculate customer relationship management model to be at the center of the business. 

Atlas Systems, with its Fortune clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, possess the requisite domain expertise to understand the roadblocks to channelize your business potential through innovative technology. Be with Atlas Systems! Emerge as a leader of the industry!

Overcome challenges

The Hospitality industry’s biggest challenge is to adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape in the technology world. The real focus of hotels, restaurants and casinos should be on their core business, customer experience and expansion of their operations in the emerging markets throughout the globe, while keeping their operating costs in check. This can be achieved by smart and effective use of cutting-edge technology, information technology in particular.

With technology

Our team of business analysts, risk managers, solutions architects, developers, infrastructure specialists, DBAs and DevOps engineers are ready to take up any challenges faced by our clients. Our experts work round the clock to solve the business problems faced by our hospitality industry clients while keeping the overall risk at a minimum.


  • People who share your risk
  • People who deliver client success
  • People who are nimble and agile
  • People who are easy to work with
  • People who listen
  • People who get it right the first time
  • People with domain expertise

Challenges in Hospitality

Atlas partners with companies in the hospitality industry to create unique technology solutions that drive business success by addressing core challenges of the industry.

Escalating operating costs

Loss of revenue and brand image due to poor performance of critical customer facing applications such as reservation and rewards management systems.


Inflexible legacy systems and outdated infrastructure in the age of the Cloud and Internet

Getting technologists with deep domain knowledge in the hospitality sector


Keeping up with the constant change in mobile platforms and social media integrations

Leverage actionable insights from consumer data


Security of PII data.

Driving guest delight with technology innovation


Customer speak

“In one of our project activities, I was happy to see some of Atlas’ resources using “Dynatrace” and building dashboards to assist in the analysis. Our team was relying on those dashboards to understand the application performance and pinpoint bottlenecks. I am very impressed with their work.”

Director IT, Leading Hospitality Firm

“I can't say enough about the excellent work that Atlas Systems has done.  Atlas' strong SAP consulting and domain expertise enabled effective business process mapping for us. We have witnessed service levels going up to 70-80 percent from unknown low levels as a result of the SLA based service culture. Atlas set SLA improvement targets and achieved them.”

Technical Director, Leading US Automobile Major

“Atlas has been a tremendous partner for our company, supporting our IT infrastructure projects. The team is always reliable, and professional. I know Atlas is looking out for our best interests and helping to scale our business. We’re thankful we chose Atlas.”

IT Director, world’s leading global supplier of technology

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