Atlas takes CSR program ahead in 2016

Atlas Systems has shown its commitment to building a sustainable society through participation of various CSR programs over the years. Our CSR programs focuses on community development and all initiatives are in the areas of Education, Healthcare that nurture and empower the local and social communities.

Focus on education

All initiatives in the area of education have focused on addressing the basic needs of school and promote primary education amongst the children. We encourage good citizenship by supporting non-profit organization that cultivates opportunities for community development and we take active role in serving the community by participating as volunteers, fundraisers, donors etc. We also serve communities by supporting immediate and long-term relief and recovery efforts to help victims of natural disasters.


Continuing with our commitment of doing business in a responsible way, we continue to participate, sponsor, support wide range of socially responsible causes and we believe in developing our workforce to be compassionate members of humanity.


Our commitment to make positive difference to the underprivileged is a sustained effort to bring joy into people’s lives.


Promoting CSR initiatives through employee participation

At Atlas Systems, value of responsible citizenship begins with its employees. As part of the initiatives, this year we collaborated with our CSR partner Minchu, an India based humanitarian Organization that works with the underprivileged children to promote education across the city of Bangalore and its rural suburbs.


“Minchu Gift Program” is one of the programs run by our CSR partner enabled us identify the school for children that live below poverty line and gather each child’s wish through “Wish Tags”. Atlas employees volunteered to buy presents requested on wish tags and distributed to more than 100 children. The Gift Program has encouraged volunteering by enabling our associates to support and work closely with various NGOs.


We supplied books and many educational materials in the form gift to the entire school. Atlas employees were thrilled to be a part of the initiative, meet the children and deliver the gifts personally. We will continue to strengthen our CSR framework; this year our emphasis is on active employee engagement, to bring about awareness amongst our employees on the issues that address the needs of the community.