Atlas Systems, Inc. and SIGNiX Announce Partnership

Atlas Systems, Inc. and SIGNiX Announce Partnership to Integrate Independent E-Signatures™ into ComplyScore Software.

Atlas Systems, Inc. a leading technology innovator, offering software and service solutions to global and mid-market companies, announced its partnership with SIGNiX the leading provider of cloud-based Independent E-Signature™ solutions.

Atlas Systems will integrate SIGNiX’s Independent E-Signature™ technology into ComplyScore’s solution that automates regulatory compliance, information security and vendor governance. The integration is a headlining feature of ComplyScore’s fall 2016 software release.

“SIGNiX’s integration with ComplyScore will address the last leg of compliant contracting—the signature—creating a smoother, more simplified experience for its customers,” said Jayen Godse, CEO of ComplyScore. “Once contracts are reviewed for compliance and risk issues in the ComplyScore software, they can automatically be sent for signature without leaving the ComplyScore software—let alone having to print, mail or fax documents. Once signed, the documents are swept right back in ComplyScore.”

SIGNiX’s Independent E-Signatures™ adhere to international, published standards, so the e-signed documents are valid forever. And because legal evidence of the signature is permanently embedded into the signed document using public key infrastructure, there’s no need to rely on SIGNiX to prove the validity of a signature. Users can verify e-signatures through any free PDF viewer, even without an Internet connection.

“Because compliance and risk mitigation are fundamental for our clients, we knew we needed a vendor with technology we could trust, and that’s what SIGNiX delivered,” said Godse. “SIGNiX enabled us to provide an easy and intuitive user experience both for authors and signers alike.”

“At SIGNiX, we understand that every organization may have unique requirements for e-signatures, and that is why we enter partnerships fully committed to customizing our e-signature solution to fit their specific needs,” said Jay Jumper, CEO of SIGNiX. “We are pleased to team up with Atlas Systems to make managing contracts through ComplyScore quicker and more convenient than ever before.”

About ComplyScore

ComplyScore, a registered trademark of Atlas Systems, develops and markets a comprehensive suite of software solutions and related services to address compelling requirements for auditable enterprise GRC management processes. For more information about ComplyScore, email or call +1 844 452 0101.

About Atlas Systems, Inc.: 

Atlas Systems, Inc. is a leading technology innovator, offering software and service solutions to global and mid-market companies in a range of different industries, including Financial services, Health care, Hospitality, Energy and Media & Entertainment. For more information about Atlas Systems, email at or call +1 844 452 0101.

About SIGNiX:

SIGNiX, the most trusted name in Independent E-Signatures™, makes signing documents online safe and secure with comprehensive legal evidence permanently embedded in each document to eliminate any dependence upon SIGNiX. The company’s cloud-based service uses patented technology to give businesses and organizations the most secure and legally defensible e-signatures available at a fraction of the cost of wet ink signatures.