Live Webinar - Preparing Enterprises for System Automation and AI

Across various industries, it’s established that automating processes and systems can save time, reduce costs, and improve productivity. However, if automation is not set up correctly, they can fail and negatively impact overall business operations. How automation are structured and equipped for failure or disruption is much more important than most realize until it happens to them.
This exclusive webinar focuses on the critical elements that you need to have in place for reliable operations and accurate recovery from the failure of an automated system. We will review program modifications and the build of audit logs that can help prevent future problems.

The key takeaways from the live webinar:

  1. How to prepare your business for automation
  2. How to correctly log automation
  3. How to create more bandwidth for your team

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October 28, 2020

2:00 pm ET  |  1:00 pm CT  |  11:00 am PT

Speaker Bio

Peter Q. Mowatt

Peter is a seasoned technology professional with thirty years of experience in software programming, design, development and support. Peter has designed and implemented dozens of automated process streams within supply chain technology, E-com sales fulfilment, capacity control, inventory replenishment and logistics.

He has worked with companies like Bergorf Goodman, Gucci America, St. John Knits, Distribuidora Lequar, Easy Pickins, Century 21 Stores, Samuel Aaron Jewelry Mfg, Alster Imports and Colony Shops. Peter is commonly known as “Peter Magic" among his peers, for his ability to overcome obstacles and create solid solutions.