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  • Software Solutions and Smart Sourcing Services to Global and Mid-market Companies
  • Privacy Rules are Tightening, Fines and Penalties are Exorbitant. Stay Ahead of the Curve with Comply-Health®
  • From Assessments through Analytics Compliance Management at your fingertips Stay up to date, assess risks, and enforce policies
  • Provider Data: Collection, Cleansing, Validation, Publication and Contract Management
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ComplyScoreTM As organizations face ever increasing compliance pressure and more sophisticated issues, the need for GRC management has never been greater. For Compliance, Risk and Audit Officers, the tasks have become unending, the responsibilities ever increasing and the pressures unrelenting.

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IT SERVICES  Atlas Systems offers highly effective, customized and competitively-priced Managed Services- including Infrastructure/ Database, Business Intelligence, Application Testing and Development- that will give your enterprise what you need most: a competitive edge.


PRIMETM  Provider Records Intelligence Management EnsembleTM, or PRIMETM, helps health insurers where you need it the most - in the management and processing of your company's provider data. It's been estimated that flawed data costs you and your competitors more than $25 billion annually.

What our clients say...
"...now it (Comply-Health®) makes sure we're in compliance with everything we do, in the future it will perform a maintenance function by telling us, say, to quarterly revisit these policies or once a year to review a certain policy..."

When Group Health Inc. and HIP Health Plan merged to form Emblem Health in 2005, the result was the largest health insurer in New York state, with revenues of more than $7 billion a year.
29th Sept. 2013 - 1st Oct. 2013
Atlas Systems EVP Jayen Godse to speak on, How to use Statistics, Microsoft Excel and open source options to detect trends, patterns and ultimately fraud at the Fraud & Compliance Forum in Baltimore MD.