Atlas Systems Expands Partnership With Snowflake

Date: September 10 2020

Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse provided as the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that runs completely on cloud infrastructure. Snowflake architecture allows storage and computes to scale independently and provides a lot of flexibility for companies to reduce operational costs.

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AWS Lambda Deployment Model

Date: August 25 2020

AWS Lambdas are easy to design and develop in a short span of time. In order to manage the code and promote it through your deployment pipeline stages, there are several approaches and tools that can be used. We will discuss one approach to implement this.

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What’s New in MongoDB 4.4

Date: August 12 2020

MongoDB, the document-oriented NoSQL database company, has announced on July 30, 2020, that MongoDB 4.4 release is now Generally Available (GA) with new features and improvements intended to bolster the database’s ability to work reliably at scale.

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What’s New in C# 9.0

Date: August 04 2020

While C# 9 is taking its shape before it gets officially gets into Developer's hands. Let’s take a glance at what are the new features in C#9. With every version of C#, we see the strive for greater clarity simplicity in common coding scenarios, and C# is no different from that. This time the focus is more on the terse and immutable representation of data shapes.

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Atlas Systems Press Release – July 2020

Date: July 29 2020

Atlas Systems Inc. (Atlas) is pleased to announce that it has now made remote working for all its employees permanent through the end of 2020. The company's new resource strategy will emphasize a global approach that is unconstrained to a fixed location. The company is taking a cautious approach and allowing employees to work from home much longer than government guidelines recommend

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What's New In Angular 9 ?

Date: July 14 2020

This is the major release from Google, that spans from the entire Platform including the Framework, Angular Material, and the CLI. In this Release, applications are switched to Ivy Compiler by default during runtime and it helped to introduce a lot of improved ways of testing components

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Event-Driven AWS Serverless Implementation

Date: July 01 2020

In the current Demanding world, we see there are 3 top Deep Learning Frameworks. However, still, there is a confusion on which one to use is it either Tensor Flow/Keras/Pytorch. So, let’s go little into details of each of these Frameworks in the below factors and see which one suits your needs and who stands at the top.

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Tensorflow vs Keras vs Pytorch: Which Framework is the Best ?

Date: June 25 2020

In the current Demanding world, we see there are 3 top Deep Learning Frameworks. However, still, there is a confusion on which one to use is it either Tensor Flow/Keras/Pytorch. So, let’s go little into details of each of these Frameworks in the below factors and see which one suits your needs and who stands at the top.

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PostgreSQL 13 Beta 1 Released for Testing

Date: June 18 2020

PostgreSQL 13 Beta 1 was released on 21 May 2020 and is available for download for evaluation. This is the first beta release of version 13 and PostgreSQL Project will release additional betas as required for testing, followed by one or more release candidates, until the final release in late 2020.

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Atlas-Couchbase Live Webinar

Date: June 10 2020

Atlas Systems and Couchbase are hosting a live webinar On June 16, Tuesday. The topic for this 60 minutes session is Advanced Resilient Data Architecture in 2020. Rick Jacobs – Technical Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase will be the guest speaker.

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AIOPS for Log Analytics

Date: May 27 2020

Logs produced by various monitoring tools and other software components are simply too many to scan through to make any sense for the IT Services professionals. It takes a very long time to sift through them, making them difficult to use or redundant when trying to resolve service issues.

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Couchbase is now a fullyAutonomous Database Management Platform

Date: May 14 2020

Couchbase achieved another significant milestone by announcing the general availability of Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.0 which promotes Couchbase as a cloud-native fully autonomous database platform.

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Couchbase Cloud - Fully Managed Database Service

Date: May 11 2020

Couchbase became the first SQL-on-NoSQL DBaaS that supports multiple cloud providers by announcing the launch of Couchbase Cloud.

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Date: May 05 2020

The first maintenance release in the 6.5.x series for Couchbase Server is released by Couchbase in April 2020.

Many sought-after relational capabilities were bought by Couchbase Server 6.5 to the NoSQL world.

Couchbase Server 6.5 seeks to improve developer agility, reduce total cost of ownership, enhance manageability, and provide more enterprise-grade security and performance.

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Understanding Power BI

Date: April 28 2020

Business Intelligence is the process of analyzing the data and presenting the data in actionable information to help end-users to make informed business decisions.

Power BI is a cloud-based data analysis tool that is used for reporting and data analysis from a wide range of data sources (Excel, SQL, Oracle).

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What’s new in Oracle Database 20c

Date: April 21 2020

Oracle Database 20c introduces key new features and enhancements that further extend Oracle’s multi-model converged architecture with the introduction of Native Blockchain Tables and more performance enhancements such as Automatic In-Memory (AIM) and a binary JSON datatype.

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Enterprise IT Service Automation - The CIO Watchlist

Date: March 2 2020

Automation is increasingly acquiring a silver bullet status by virtue of the large number of solutions it has delivered, across industries.

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Enterprises Still Use Relational Databases?

Date: February 5 2020

Do you think the pendulum of the database industry is starting to swing away from NoSQL and back towards relational databases?

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What's new with SQL Server 2017?

Date: June 2017

Community Technology Preview (CTP) 2.0 is the first production-quality preview of SQL Server 2017, and it is available on both Windows and Linux.

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SQL Server 2016 Dynamic Data Masking

Date: May 2017

Dynamic Data Masking is a new feature introduced in SQL 2016. This feature helps you to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access.

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SQL Server 2017 Hidden Gems – Part 1

Date: April 2017

In this, the first in a series of blogs, we will be covering salient new features and enhancements in Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

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Best Practices for Managed 3rd Party InfoSec Assessment

Date: April 2017

What is Managed 3rd party Assessments? Let’s scope out the best practices over Pre Execution or Planning

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The Changing Role of the DBA

Date: Feb 2017

DBAs who used to work on improving performance & fixing backup problems, recover and restoring data, design physical databases etc are expected to take on additional technical responsibilities.

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The Top 7 Cloud Delusion & Advice

Date: December 2016

Cloud computing is uniquely susceptible to the confusion and hype that surrounds it. Delusion is sometimes harmful and they do have an effect on how we approach solutions. Here is the list of top 7 common misconceptions that CIOs should look out for.

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How to secure your database server

Date: December 2016

The increasing pressure of compliance regulations and security policies makes the deployment of high-level database protection a must-have for any organization. For those looking for ways to advance database security, here are some best practices to secure your database server.

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Top Trends in Database Management for next year

Date: November 2016

Concepts in database management hardly fall in the category of come-and-go, as the cost of shifting between technical approaches control managers and designers. What are the current trends in database management?

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Top 10 QA trends for 2016

Date: March 15 2016

Most people purchase Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with the same expectations as purchasing a new car. Just like the new car, the application should be sleek and clean, and drive effortlessly off the lot.

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SQL Server Dedicated Admin Connection - What’s that? How do I use it?

Date: October 15 2015

Dedicated Admin Connection is a back door connection to SQL Server Instance which should be used ONLY when your SQL instance run is in serious problem. Dedicated Admin Connection has a dedicated scheduler with a worker thread and a memory node.

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